Tower Keepers Level 55 Guild Boss (Dragon) Attack Guide

Overview and demonstration (with commentary!) of level 55 meta dragonteam. Should cover the basics of team and use.

It does not include demonstration of wrathful strike warmaster tank because that variation is very vulnerable to RNG problems, but for anyone who really likes gambling, description is as follows:

Same team with the same skill sets, with knight/warmaster positions swapped, ‘can’ result in 100-200k more damage if the initial dragon hit leaves warmaster with 1-29% hp. It can also fail to activate wrathful passive bonus, and can kill warmaster with a crit – you would need 8-10 lucky runs to offset one failed run so I don’t recommend it.

That said, if you don’t see any warmaster skills in the skill list after ‘eat your soul’ is cast by dragon, you can click another hero or use a soulskill which will recalculate the dragons attack and “possibly” avoid the crit killing warmaster – however you have to react very quickly to have any chance at succeeding here.


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