Pot Farm: High Profits – HD Android Gameplay – Other games – Full HD Video (1080p)

Pot Farm: High Profits – HD Android Gameplay – Other games – Full HD Video (1080p)
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Pot Farm: High Profits – East Side Games Studio

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Game Description:


Ever wanted to make money from your own Grow-Op? Pot Farm: High Profits is your go-to weed growing game.. Gorgeous Graphics, Chill Music and Quirky Characters make this Pot Growing Game Highly Addictive!

Add cash to your stash, track your earnings, diversify your pot portfolio and Make Profits!

Click away, become a virtual Millionaire, Billionaire, Trillionaire, Decillionaire or even a Duodecillionaire!


• Pile up your cash or spend it like a madman, there’s no wrong way to play!
• Join Limited-Time Events to double your enjoyment with new grow-ops!
• Grow that marijuana and make green all the time – whether you’re in-game or not!
• Blaze through your money by upgrading your cannabis supply speeds and improving your firm
• Smoke away the charts by becoming the richest bud dealer
• Share your successes with friends and brag about your loads of money
• Upgrade those Event Buds to win exclusive Bronze, Silver and Gold SWAG
• Grow that Mary Jane that never complains!
• Puff Puff for your firm to make that bonus cash
• Turn that Green to Gold and Fertilize those crops with some elusive Guano
• Grow your cannabis and make money as a dealer from your couch

East Side Games is the Canadian creator of the original 420 friendly weed growing game, Pot Farm: Grass Roots the biggest marijuana game in the world.


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