Logo Game Bonus – Restaurants – All Answers – Walkthrough ( By Taplance INC )

Logo is the symbol puzzle game last game on Android! With the more than 3,000 symbols, logo apparel game’s biggest collection of the brand worldwide.
Challenge your friends to see who of you can solve nhất icons. Progressive game of you will be synced with Facebook, do mà you to open the Games on Your Computer. Over two million people playing games on Facebook Logo was alone!

the features:
– More than 3,000 icons organized in coal 50 package.
– Pack Reward: beige icon unique grouping into categories.
– Scope package: for the one you want people challenge!
– Facebook Connect: lets you compete with friends of you and ask add help!
– Where you can compare Scoreboard ratings you as you are friends.
– Progressive games are synchronized with Facebook. So you can play from your phone or Your Computer.
– Suggestions được award to help you find the answers!
– High quality graphics.
– Timely updates: new package added to regularly.

Version Pro:
The Pro version allows you to play with NO ADS, and awards you 2X suggestions.
Receive it here:

Playing on Facebook:

As of our Facebook page:

Nguồn: https://fifa18ah.com/

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