Letter B | Phonics | Butterfly, Ball, Bike | Words | Phonics Song | Play Game | Kids English

Letter B | Phonics | Butterfly, Ball, Bike | Words | Phonics Song | Play Game | Kids English
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Welcome to DDonglish Phonics Level 1.

DDonglish Phonics Level 1 covers letter names, letter sounds, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and words that begin with the target sound.
Please follow these 3 steps to learn phonics more easily.

Step 1: Watch the video of letter b on Youtube.

* Introduce the character & Sound
You can meet a special friend of DDonglish, Bonnie Butterflly.
Her name starts with her own sound. If you remember her name you can naturally memorize the sound of letter b.

* Letter shape
Bonnie Butterflly introduces uppercase B and lowercase b.
Please write the letters in the air with your finger.

* Vocabulary
Bonnie Butterflly introduces herself with 3 words that begin with her sound.
• I like butterflies
• I like to play ball
• I ride a bike

After watching the video try to answer these 3 questions.
• What does she like?
• What does she like?
• What does she ride?

* Chant
The chant can help you practice the sound, letter, and words. Let’s chant along!
b, b, b, b, butterfly *3
I like butterflies.
b, b, b, b, ball *3
I like to play bal.
b, b, b, b, bike *3
I ride a bike.
b, b, b, b, b
I like butterflies.
I like to play ball.
I ride a bike.

* Phonics Game
Please enjoy our phonics game!
You can review the sound and words while playing the game with Bonnie Butterflly.

Step 2: Download and do the worksheet
Please download and print the worksheet, after watching the video. You can remind the letter sound, letter shapes, and words with the worksheets. And the worksheets also include some flash cards. Do not throw away flash cards. Collect them for lots of fun activities.

step 3: Watch the video again.
Iterative learning makes you remember what you’ve learned for a long time. Watch the video over and over again.

DDonglish offers free videos and free printable worksheets for you to learn English.
We hope our channel is very helpful for you!
Thank you!

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