C&B Student Bodies Unboxing March Card and Board Game Subscription

Hello and I an back with an unboxing video for my Card and Board Monthly Game Subscription from our friends at Off-Line Board Game Cafe, who are having a Kickstarter to help with the re-opening. The Kickstarter is running until March 28, 2019, and can be found here (
Anyway, this month they did really well, I think. I have wanted this game for a while but I just never got around to getting it. Student Bodies is a zombie game where you are not an overly equipped survival nut ready to take on the whole zombie apocalypse, you are just a regular high school student bitten by a zombie and trying to find the cure and get out before anyone else.
I love the art. I love the humour, and I love game. This one was an A+ choice.
The official site for Student Bodies is
the boardgamegeek.com page is
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