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Furious lion assault and retribution story! Wild lion is free to move around at will, the city is your wilderness. Keep running as quick as you can with those ground-breaking legs. Discharge your mate from remorseless seekers after savage city fight in furious lion assault amusement 3D. Take control of a wild lion that jumps and assaults its prey. Irate lion retribution 2019, jump into an exciting new experience as a savage lion and chase mercilessly. You are made to kill and control in lion battling diversions. You must be merciless seeker to your prey with lion test system. Chase human or creatures and discharge your mate from city seekers furnished with lances, expert sharpshooter rifles, firearms and ammunition in lion city assault diversion with the best of lion survival reproduction.

Lion test system diversions 2019 were never been so energizing. This irate lion city assault sim you will be the greatest predatory feline and begin chasing around the town roads. Release the anger of relentless monster in the city – pursue residents, other wild creatures, assault vehicles and trucks and make extreme city demolition! Be the most merciless predator yet be careful human fighting – tanks, helicopters even normal strike rifles or guns of customary police cops might be shoot you. Chase or be chased in this lion assault amusement. Disregard lion versus tiger diversions and play this most recent lion assault in city amusement which is finished excitement. In this furious lion frenzy test system, keep ready constantly and keep up your lion’s wellbeing, vitality and craving rate to endure and mess around with Lion test system city assault RPG survival.

Chase down the entire town and turn into a debacle for the city with lion battling amusements. Play as a savage lion that has a mission to discover and execute all the seeker and foes! Jump on alternate creatures and individuals for survival and locate your detained mate to finish the retribution mission in lion test system amusement. In the event that too many police assault on you, simply thunder and assault back to paralyze the town. Pulverize and crush vehicles with uncommon lion versus man amusement. This creature test system diversion additionally gives the capacity to change your lion. Alter and pick your most loved surface, gather catalysts to keep higher your wellbeing bar. Wild creature city assault test system, be an extreme lion and feel like an amazing predator – the lord of savanna that needs to wind up in urban city.

Top Features of Lion Simulator – City Revenge:

✓ Beautiful open world 3D dream city for trampling down

✓ Thrilling experience battle against more out of control creatures and nationals

✓ Release your detained mate from fierce seekers

✓ Complete city fight, retribution and battling missions

✓ Different lions and customization alternatives

✓ Plenty of fun sounds and great special visualizations

✓ Addictive Gameplay with sensible assaulting activitys

✓ Thrilling prey chasing difficulties and dynamic 3D illustrations

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